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Notification of ISDA Elections 2019-21

Proceedings of the 2nd Monthly Meeting with Pensioners held on 29.12.2018 at ICAR-CRIDA

Provisional results of Technician (T-I) Examination for ICAR Institutes held on 01.07.2018

LDC (DR) Exam - 2016 for ICAR Institutes - Provisional Results

Formal declaration of results of the Technical Assistant (T-3)

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Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) is a National Research Institute under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) established in 1985 with a mandate to carry out basic and applied research in rainfed farming.  The Institute also undertakes National / International Collaborations and Consultancy Projects.   All India Coordinated Research Programmes (AICRPs) of ICAR on Dryland Agriculture and Agrometeorology with 25 partners each are in CRIDA. This is the lead Institute and the National Nodal point for the National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) which is being implemented at large number of Research Institutes of ICAR, State Agricultural Universities and 100 KVKs.

ICAR-CRIDA  Foundation Day celebrated

Meeting PhotoICAR-Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) celebrated its 35th Foundation Day on 12th April 2019. Dr. G. Ravindra Chary, Director (A), CRIDA welcomed   Dr. T. Mohapatra, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR Directors and scientists from local ICAR Institutes. DG, ICAR, appreciated  that CRIDA is well recognized globally and at national level for its contributions in dryland agriculture research and edevelopment, particularly climate resilient agriculture. He emphasized that in depth analysis is needed in cropping and integrated farming system mode for transforming dry land villages into climate resilient villages and CRIDA should play key role in driving this initiative involving several ICAR institutes, SAUs and NGOs in the country and  advocated that to strengthen the research on the emerging technologies viz., precision farming, artificial intelligence, develop indigenous modelling frame work, climate change research, micro-level agromet advisories etc.  He further advised to bring visibility of the institute at national and international level. Further, DG, ICAR suggested that Institute Foundation Day to be  organized  with a series of events involving retired employees, students, farmers and other local ICAR institutes. 


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Preparedness for Agriculture Contingencies-Kharif, 2016 Summary of Interface Meetings and Way Forward

Enhancing Rabi Production Plan – 2016: Harnessing Benefits of Southwest Monsoon

District Agricultural Contingency Plans for Managing Weather Aberrations and Sustainable Agriculture


Upcoming Events

Annual Review Workshop of NICRA - AICRPDA - AICRPAM will be organized at ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad during 26-28 May, 2019

National Workshop on "Developing Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Coefficients " for climate resilient interventions at ICAR-CRIDA, Hyderabad


ICAR-CRIDA Foundation Day celebrated

Notification of ISDA elections 2019-21

Proceedings of the Eleventh High Level Monitoring Committee Review meeting of National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture Project

National Science Day organized

World Soil Day celebrated at ICAR-CRIDA

Hearty Congratulations, Dr. G.Ravindra Chary garu taken charge as Acting Director, ICAR-CRIDA on 03rd January 2019

XXVI Biennial Workshop of AICRP for Dryland Agriculture organized


Walk-in-Interview for RA and SRF on 25.05.2019 at 0930 hrs at ICAR-CRIDA

Provisional results of Technician (T-I) Examination for ICAR Institutes held on 01.07.2018

LDC (DR) Exam - 2016 for ICAR Institutes - Provisional Results

Formal declaration of results of the Technical Assistant (T-3)


Latest Publications

  • Rao G.R., Sarkar B, Raju BMK, Sathi Reddy P, Subba Rao AVM and Jessie Rebecca 2019. Genotype × year interaction of pod and seed mass and stability of Pongamia pinnata families in a semi-arid region. J. For. Res.
  • Gurumurthy S, Sarkar B, Vanaja M, Lakshmi J, Yadav SK, Maheswari M (2019) Morpho-physiological and biochemical changes in black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) genotypes under drought stress at flowering stage. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 41-54
  • Pratibha G, Srinivas I., V. Rao K., M.K. Raju B., Arun K. Shanker, Anamika Jha, Uday Kumar M., Srinivasa Rao K., Sammi Reddy K.​ (2019) Identification of environment friendly tillage implement as a strategy for energy efficiency and mitigation of climate change in semiarid rainfed agro ecosystems​. Journal of Cleaner Production 214 (2019) 524- 535
  • Indoria, AK; Sharma, KL; Sammi Reddy, K; Srinivasarao, Ch; Srinivas, K; Balloli, SS; Osman, M; Pratibha, G and Raju, NS (2018). Alternative sources of soil organic amendments for sustaining soil health and crop productivity in India – impacts, potential availability, constraints and future strategies.  Current Science, 115 : 2052-2062. (

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