Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Divorce Latest News, Wife, Son

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Divorce announce after 15 years of marriage. Aamir Khan Divorce reason Fatima Sana Shaikh love affair Latest News update here. Now know about Aamir Khan Marriage 1st and 2nd Wife, Son Details. The latest Bollywood actor Aamir Khan Kiran Rao announced their divorce in a joint statement. From few previous years, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were living separately as rumored about Fatima Sana Shaikh love triangle by various media sources Twitter, Instagram, and facebook updates. The reason for divorce is still not clear but they also made the statement that they will co-parent Azad Rao Khan. Their marriage was for 15 years and they tied the knot on 28 December 2005. They stated that their marriage has nurtured by the time will all love and support.

Aamir Khand and Kiran Rao Divorce News

This was Aamir Khand’s second marriage which last for 15 years. With Kiran Rao, he had one child and from a first marriage, he had two children. The name of Aamir Khan’s three children is Junaid Khan, Ira Khan, and Azad Rao khan. In a joint statement, they said that they will remain responsible parents and raise Azad Rao Khan together. As well as their professional work will not be disputed by this decision. They will remain as collaborators to many professional projects including Paani Foundation and also to other projects, which they feel passionate about. Now finally the Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Divorced each other and leave separately. However various rumors are aired about Aamir Khan Fatima Sana Shaikh Affairs for a long time.

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Aamir Khan Divorce Reason

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao first met on the sets of Lagaan. In the movie, Aamir Khan was the lead actor whereas Kiran Rao was the assistant director. All over the internet, Aamir Khan Divorce Latest News is been circulated. To get carried away with this news, we also want to tell you that Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had their first child in 2011 through surrogacy. With their joint statement, the ex-couple showed their thanks giving to all their close friends and family members for unconditional support and love.

They mentioned that every chapter in life has been cherished by both of them. Now, this new chapter will also be cherished by them not as husband and wife but as Co-parents and family. The Aamir Khan Divorce reason is still unknown, but various media and Bollywood gossips claim this for Aamir Khan and Fatima Sana Shaikh Love. However what reason behind this, but now Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are official file Divorce papers. Moreover, stay tuned here for the latest updates on this news.

Aamir Khan First and Second Wife

Aamir Khand’s marriage history or you can say the timeline is quite interesting. He is known as a perfectionist in Bollywood and we assume he is the same in this real-life too. Aamir Khan First Wife Reena Dutta for 16 years before they get divorced. They finally divorced in 2002. After that, he married Second Time to Kiran Rao in 2005. Now after 15 years of marriage with Kiran Rao too he got divorced.

During an interview a few years back Aamir Khan to a Chinese news channel said that “I like strong people, Reena and Kiran both are strong. I don’t want to bring them down as men and women. I just like strong people on the whole”. He also added that he was in the trauma of separation from Reena when met Kiran Rao. But after their second meet and some calls, he felt happy and equipped.

Aamir Khan Kiran Rao Divorce

Aamir Khan’s first wife Reena Dutta or you can wife from his first marriage was a Bollywood actress who was spotted in various cameo roles. Even Reena Dutta helped Aamir Khan producing Lagaan. Their love story started at a very tender age but ended traumatically. Aamir Khan opened about his first marriage in Season 6 Koffee with Karan that the end of our marriage was traumatic for both of us and our families.

While his second marriage with Kiran Rao has another angle, at the time of getting divorced from Reena Dutta, Aamir Khan stated that he was in depression. On that note, Kiran Rao called him just to know that everything is okay at his end as they earlier met on the sets of Lagaan too. That half an hour-long call made Aamir Khan realized that how happy he is while talking to Kiran. At last, they made official this by marrying each other in 2005.

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