Afghanistan Taliban Capturing News, Kabul Airport Plane Videos, Updates

What happened in Afghanistan and Who are Taliban Crisis Live Updates check here. It is sudden and heartbreaking to see how the human rights of Afghan citizens are crushed. On 16 August 2021, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flees in the helicopter with stuffed cash from his palace and the Taliban declare Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as a new President of Afghanistan. A picture going viral all over the internet of Taliban militants sitting at the back of the vehicle with a machine gun in front of the Presidential palace main gate. Also, the Airport of Capital Kabul Afghanistan Plane 2 Men Fell Live videos are going viral. In those viral videos of Kabul airport many citizens are hushing and bushing to take a seat in the airplane. Many international countries have already evacuated their diplomats from the country.

Afghanistan Taliban Capturing Latest News

The Taliban group is now ruling all over Afghanistan. At the latest, they captured the Kabul and President House. Now at all the Afghanistan is under Taliban Rules and Laws. On 17 August 2021, the Taliban declares that they have captured many areas of Afghanistan’s outskirts. Soon, they can enter the center of the country at any moment. Afghanistan crises Live Update states also:

  1. Taliban has seized Kabul and Airport. Many international countries have already evacuated their diplomats from the country.
  2. The citizens of Afghanistan are rushing every hour, every minute with their families to take the airplane and shift to other country. With this, two passengers sat on the wheels of the airplane and eventually falls out at the time of take off.
  3. US officials declares that Taliban will not get access of any Afghan reserves which is probably held in US accounts.
  4. President Joe Baiden is yet to deliver its speech on the crisis in Afghanistan Latest News. Although there is no such evident time from White house that when he will give word on the situation.
  5. Many Humanitarian Agencies are staying in Afghanistan. They said if we also flee who will serve the citizens. The need will arise and we will serve citizens till the end.
  6. United States of America Deputy National Security Advisor said that we are busy in securing Kabul airport.
  7. Where United Kingdom said that “Taliban taking over Afghanistan is a international community failure” see what Prime Minister of Pakistan has to say about this! Imraan Khan said that “Finally Taliban has broke the chains of slavery in Afghanistan” .
  8. Major Airlines have already reroute their flights to fly over from Afghanistan Air space.

Taliban Forces Rules and Laws in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Crisis Today News

Taliban Capturing Afghanistan in Latest News, Taliban News today all will be delivered here. Readers who want Live News of the Afghanistan crisis need to refresh it from time to time. We are trying our level best to reach out and get authentic news from PTI and Reuters.

Ibrahim Raisi, president of Iran said that the US exit will bring peace and long-lasting harmony, security to the country. Many countries are supporting the Taliban and many are criticizing US president Joe Baiden for failing to the expectations. Well, let’s see here how the world is reacting to the Taliban capturing Afghanistan?

What do you think, it is the end of the US long 20 years reign in Afghanistan? Well, we have not heard out from US President till now. What Joe Baiden has to say will impact the entire situation. For the latest Taliban militants have entered the Afghan presidential Palace and have acquired many parts of Kabul and Afghanistan already.

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Afghanistan Plane Kabul Airport Latest Videos & News

Kabul Airport firing News has been spread all over. Latest US troops fire in the air after Kabul Airport tarmac. Hamid Karzai International Airport is been in news for recent two to three days after the Taliban entered the outskirts of Afghanistan. What you can hear next in regard of the Afghanistan Plane Live Video of 2 or 3 Men Falling from Airplane etc? Well check out below:

  • U.S has already warns Taliban not to hamper the evacuations at any cost.
  • The crisis of Kabul Airport is to the extent that civilians rushed to the runway in order to capture the plane as it takes off.
  • There are two US transport aircraft named as C-17 for the evacuation of the civilians.
  • An untold source told that there is an agreement between US officials and Taliban that they will not intervene the evacuation if US troops exits.

Afghanistan Taliban Live News will be updated from day to day. Turn on the notification, so that you get the Latest Update on here also.

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