BGMI Sending Data to China Server, Data Leak, Ban News

BGMI Sending Data to China Server Data Leak News, Battlegrounds Mobile India Android Players Data Sent to China. Is PUBG Mobile India Ban Again, Latest New on BGMI Banned as IGN India Reports. Are you came here to verify the news of BGMI Data Leak or Sending Data to the Chinese Server? Well According to an IGN report, Battle Ground Mobile of India which is designed by a Korean Company KRAFTON is allegedly sending data of Indian players to various china servers. IGN India confirmed this news after deep research. They also conducted surveillance through the whois website. This website is widely used to track IP address origin. They found that KRAFTON has ties with Proxima Beta. This company is located in Beijing. Proxima Beta has ties with TENCENT.

Why Proxima beta relations with TENCENT is suspicious to IGN? While we all know that BGMI is introduced in India after they Ban word wide used game PUBG. BGMI is nothing else but a substitute for BGMI by KRAFTON after they break their ties with TENCENT. According to the Government of India, TENCENT PUBG was not meeting all the IT laws of India. Hence after meetings, India banned PUBG. After that BGMI was released on June 18, 2021. Continue reading about Will Indian ban BGMI?

BGMI Sending Data to Chinese Server

This report by IGN has proved that BGMI sending data to a Chinese server. Indian Data has been sent to various Chinese servers which are located in Hong Kong, Beijing as well. Now the question arises is that when KRAFTON assured the Indian Government for meeting all the IT Laws and keep the privacy of Indian data then why they are sending data to the Chinese server? After political tension between China and India border, the Government of India not only banned one app of China but several in-country. TENCENT got a setback and eventually, KRAFTON break its ties to this company to serve its own designed game in India. Was this pre-planned by KRAFTON to disguise the Indian Government? Will the Government of India Ban BGMI too after IGN report?

BGMI Battlegrounds Mobile APK Download

Application NameBattle Ground Mobile of India
Article onBGMI sending data to a Chinese server
Government of India will ban BGMI Again or Later?Yet not recorded such news
Early Access Release Date18th June 2021
DevisesAndroid- Beta Version
IOS- Early Access (soon)

Now KRAFTON is given its statement on BGMI Data Relay to China that” BGMI Early Access test uses various location server to provide unique game features. Now it is playing safe and we are closely monitoring the data server. However, before the final launch, the protection of any data being transferred and restrict IP Address action would be taken.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Android Data Leak Report

IGN has conducted several trials of surveillance on BGMI servers in order to track its footprint initially. Even after announcing that they have no more relations with TENCENT, BGMI servers pings server of TENCENT allegedly just after any Indian player logs in to the game. BGMI is also designed in a way that previous PUBG Mobile users can use their account to log in Battleground India Mobile app. BGMI has not been officially released yet.

Testing of BGMI has begun for a check on glitches or bugs. Android users can download BGMI from the google play store and use the game as a tester. Apparently now after the IGN report, Battle Ground India Android data was sent to china and many other countries too. While till now Government of India has not given any official statement on this yet. If you go according to previous news, an MLA from Arunachal Pradesh raised concern over BGMI earlier. He suggested banning BGMI in India. He stated in his tweet that “BGMI is nothing else just an illusion and trick” from this Korean company.

Is PUBG Mobile India Banned Again

Well, the IGN report has been announced on the internet a few hours back and from then not no official announcement has been recorded from the side of the Government of India. Will BGMI will be Banned Again in India? Is PUBG Mobile Ban in India Later these all questions will only be answered after an official statement will be recorded? Till now, BGMI is successfully testing its game on Indian android users. Now it is officially considered by KRAFTON to sending data over China Server only for using some game features. However, it is said we are working on data security and privacy of players to maintain per govt rules and regulations before the official launch.

Latest News on IGN India BGMI Data Leaks

There are many claims by IGN India reports on BGMI sending data of android users to china servers and other countries too.

Claim 1: Just by downloading BGMI on mobile, all your personal information has been transferring to the Proxima beta server which further pings the server of TENCENT allegedly.

Claim 2: KRFTON did not live up to the promises which they have made. Sending data of Indian android users to a Chinese server is violating the IT laws of India. Hence it will be considered a serious offense as CAIT write to Government about this to bane again PUBG India Mobile Game BGMI.

FAQ regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Sent to China Server, Data Leak, Banned Again News

Will BGMI get ban in India?

No records on the ban on BGMI till has came out officially.

Is IGN report is a conspiracy against BGMI and KRAFTON?

Soon it will be revealed.

Which app did they use to investigate sending of data to the china server?

They tried using the data sniffer app. This app is specially designed to check the transmitting of information from one server to another.

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