Maharashtra Corona 3rd Wave Latest News

Corona 3rd Wave in Maharashtra Latest News, Covid 19 Case Today Update here. Third Wave of Covid in India predication, Impact and When will 3rd Wave Hit in Maharashtra details. 3rd Wave of Corona might be your worst nightmare which you think will enter India in a couple of months. But Health experts in Maharashtra have already predicted that the new covid-19 variant Delta Plus will be responsible for Covid third wave in India. What health experts have predicted for 3rd Wave of Corona in Maharashtra?

But in a recent interview of the Specially appointed task officer of Maharashtra with Rajdeep Sardesai said that “they never said that state will hit by the third wave of Corona within 2-4 weeks”. This recent statement has created many speculations. He also added that we are not sure when and how the third wave of Covid-19 will hit the country or state.

Maharashtra Corona 3rd Wave Latest News

On asking about the statement recently passed by Maharashtra health experts by Rajdeep Sardesai, Dr. Rahul pandit said that we do not want to scare people, we are just being alarmist. It was a mathematical model of two waves that between 100-120 days gap the second wave hit after the first wave. Models are just models, how we can define them more precisely. Well, Maharashtra has been under the spotlight from the day. Maharashtra 3rd Wave of Corona Latest news till now says that the state is preparing for the worst from before. Even If it hits the state, the suffering should be as minimal as it can be.

On this Chief Minister of the state, Udhav Thackrey said that basic amenities were not provided to the state in the first wave of Corona thus, within more than 40 crore doses of Vaccine will be provided to all states including Maharashtra will gradually help to fight against the virus gradually.

Covid-19 Case in Maharashtra Today Update

If we go with the graph, the first wave of Corona Maharashtra had around 19 lakh cases in total. In the second wave of Covid-19 Maharashtra was the worst hit among all the states with 40 Lakh cases. Thus, health experts say that there can be eight lakh active cases in which 10 percent can be only children. With the dipping cases of Covid-19 in Maharashtra, it has already started working on a model of 3rd Wave Corona to fight against. Covid-19 Case in Maharashtra Today Update as per June 18 is:

Fresh Cases: 9798 (today)

Active Cases: 134747 (total)

Death toll: 198 in past 24 hours

Patients Discharged: 14,347 in past 24 hours

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Third Wave of Corona in Maharashtra District wise News

If we talk about the Third wave of Corona in Maharashtra District wise News then till now no case of the third wave of Covid-19 has been detected in the state. But in the second wave of Covid-19 Pune was the worst-hit district from Covid-19 with cases of 18474. Following that many other districts like Nagpur, Thane, Nashik were severely hit by the Covid-19 second wave. While if we put the light on Maharashtra 3rd Wave of Covid-19 cases then till now no case has been found. Those are just mere assumptions that the state might experience the 3rd Wave of Corona in few weeks.

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Covid 3rd Wave Prediction and Impact

Now, what health experts have predicted for 3rd Wave of Corona? As the country has just experienced the deadly virus second wave, it’s still figuring out that how we can take precautions so that not the third wave might hit hard this time. 3rd Wave prediction has been done that with the new covid-19 variant named as “Delta Plus” more cases might be registered in upcoming weeks in Maharashtra. While some have predicted that Delta Plus has already entered the country. This variant of Covid Delta + is more lethal than other covid-19 variants detected.

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When will Corona Third Wave Hit in India?

A few days ago first cases of the Covid Delta Plus variant were registered in Madhya Pradesh Bhopal. A 64-year-old woman has contracted with the new variant of Covid-19. It is said that the woman was fully vaccinated and after that, she tested positive for Covid-19. This has raised alarm not only in one state but all the states. It is assumed that in Maharashtra within 2-4 weeks the third wave may enter. Well if proper safety measures have been followed, then the damage can be in control.

FAQ’ regarding Maharashtra 3rd Wave

Which vaccine will be more effective in the Third wave of corona?

Sputnik V booster shot vaccine has proven to be more effective.

How many cases of Delta plus have been recorded in Maharashtra?

No case has been recorded in Maharashtra.

Why delta plus is called the Nepal variant?

It is because it has been originated in Nepal.

How many cases of Delta Plus Variant are found in Maharashtra?

21 cases till July 1.

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