DRDO 2DG Anti Covid Drug, Price, Efficacy, Usages, Availability, Side Effect

This article is answering DRDO Anti Covid Drug Price, Medicine Usages, Efficacy, Availability, Side Effect, where to Buy, and How to Use. DRDO New Covid Drug Name 2-DG will reach the market by May 11, 2021. On May 9, 2021, DCGI announced that now 2DG which is also known as 2-deoxy-D glucose is ready for emergency use in India. DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) has discussed its Efficacy, Benefits, Price, and much more information. DRDO in cooperation with Dr. Reddy Laboratories carried forward the testing trials of 2DG Anti Drug on many Covid-19 positive patients.

In 2020, these trials were carried and got to see miracle results as recovery in Covid-19 patients. 2DEGE is developed jointly by Allied Sciences, and the Defence Research & Development Organisation, and the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Now check what is 2-DG and How will it works, What are Usages and where to get this 2-deoxy-D glucose online update here.

DRDO 2DG Anti Covid Drug

The name of DRDO 2DG Anti Covid Drug is 2-deoxy-D glucose. It is approved by DCGI for immediate use. Actually, Covid Anti Drug comes in a powdered form in a sachet. Patients have to intake the drug by dissolving it into the water. The directions will be specifically written on the medicine. This Anti Drug is manufactured by Dr. Reddy laboratories and soon they will give DRDO 2DG Directions to Use also. Patients with Moderate to mild symptoms of Covid-19 can intake the medicine. This medicine has no side effects.

In 2020 with the First and second trials researchers in India noticed that even patients with severe symptoms of Covid-19 have also shown up recoveries. Though DCGI has not given any byte on this matter yet. Whether it is as effective as on mild to moderate patients of Covid-19 or not. This Anti Covid Drug is made up of Glucose which is effective in breaking down the protein molecules of the virus as well as make it weak. 2DG Anti Drug of Covid-19 is also efficient to cut the oxygen supplement in the patients. It directly reaches the lungs of patients and anywhere in the patient’s body where the virus has been affected adversely.

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Efficacy of DRDO Covid Drug 2-DG

First of all who does not know what is the meaning of Efficacy is, let us brief that it is a medical term. This term is generally used in the medicine lines. Any drug or medicine to what extent it is effective is known to be efficacy. For instance, the Efficacy of 2 DG Anti Covid Drug DRDO is tested before its evaluation in the market. While as we have earlier told you that this drug has gone through trials on covid-19 patients which have mild symptoms, moderate symptoms, and even acute symptoms also. In all cases, the medicine has worked properly. The recovery rate was really impressive. Within the intake of medicine for 2-3 days, the recovery of the patient has been noticed. These trials were done in various hospitals from West Bengal, Mumbai, Gujarat etc.

DRDO 2DG Covid Medicine Price in Market

Although this product/ drug/medicine will be on market after June 2021. It is been manufactured by Dr. Reddy Laboratories. All the raw material which is needed to make this medicine is available in India and just because of that 2DG Medicine Price is kept affordable. You can get 2DG Anti Covid Drug in Indian Market for Rupees 500-600. This price has been finalized by DRDO in cooperation with Dr. Reddy.

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Availability of DRDO 2 deoxy D glucose Medicine

It is finally approved by DCGI and is also announced to be safe for all patients. The availability of 2DG Anti Covid Drug will be after May 11 in Indian markets. Initially, it will be made available in those states which are adversely affected by Covid-19. It is also announced by Dr. Subhash Chandra that the usage of 2DG Covid Medicine should be started on an emergency basis.

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2DG Anti Covid Drug Side Effects

With the directions of use, prescribed by Dr Reddy on the medicine sachet is considered safe for all Covid-19 patients. Intake of medicine unnecessarily can lead to some side effects. But for Covid-19 patients, it is safe to use till now.

How to buy DRDO 2DG Covid Medicine?

It will take about a month for Dr. Reddy laboratories to bring this drug into the market. The manufacturing has already begun and soon you will be able to see that your near medical shop will be selling this medicine to you. This drug will be available online or not and how the Government of India along with the manufacturers deal to bring this medicine out into the market.

How to Use 2-deoxy-D glucose 2DG?

It comes in a powdered form. It has to be consumed along with the glass of water. How much the quantity of water should be will be explained in the directions of Use of the medicine.

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