Covid 19 Kerala Vaccine Registration Online

Covid 19 Kerala Vaccine Registration Online at Now, register for Covid Vaccine in Kerala Government Apply Online for Vaccination Request, Check Eligibility Criteria and Vaccine Registration Status at e Kerala Health. Kerala State Government has released an official statement in which they have invited all the individuals of age 18 to 44 to get Covid19 Vaccination for Kerala Resident. covid 19 Kerala gov in Vaccination Registration Process has been started in the state from May 15. The process of getting the vaccine will also be operational. Cowin Kerala Covid Vaccine Online registration can only be done through CoWin App or from its official web portal after getting COWIN Reference Number.

Other than that you need to sign up for the Kerala state government Health website too for getting the process streamlined. So now it is a great opportunity for Keralites who have required eligible for vaccination now check how to register for Covid Vaccine in Kerala above 18 Years through app registration reference number. The people have to request to take the vaccine as per their number is allotted. Moreover, they must be motivated to other to participate in vaccination drive as much as you can.

Covid 19 Kerala Vaccine Registration

There is no special website is designed to carry on with Covid 19 Kerala Vaccination registration. Cowin App and the official web portal is the only platform from where you can apply online for getting the registration done for Covaxin or Covishiled. The procedure to Covid19 Kerala gov Vaccine apply online for getting your first or second dose of Corona vaccination will be the same. The government has suggested all their individuals who fall under this particular age group give a gap of 84 to 112 days in both vaccination doses. Covid 19 Kerala Vaccination Online Registration can be done from Cowin App or its website.

CoWin Covid Vaccine Registration Online For Above 18 Years

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download

Kerala Vaccination News

Today Vaccine News>>> Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan recently said that the state government aims to complete the first dose of the vaccine for all people above 18 years of age by September end. The Second wave continues in Kerala for more than three months (from June to September). The deaths of two women who took the Covid-19 vaccine in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta have raised concerns over the safety of the vaccines. The Health Minister has called an emergency meeting of high officials to investigate the vaccination campaign in the state.

Although the state is facing a shortage of a COVID vaccine, the central government has informed that a dose of the COVID vaccine will be supplied to Kerala on August 11. Now facility of downloading a Covid Certificate on WhatsApp is provided by Health Ministry.

The Kerala High Court has sought a response from the central government on a plea by an Indian (NRI) who had received two doses of Covaxin but sought permission to take the third dose of the internationally accepted vaccine. In response, the Kerala High Court was told that those who have taken both doses of the Covid vaccine cannot be re-vaccinated. Madurai Corporation has started online registration for vaccination of COVID-19 for 18 to 44-year-old frontline workers from July 23. Online Vaccine Register Request

As we have earlier mentioned that Government of Kerala will start the Covid Vaccine registration drive from 17 May 2021. Online vaccination Request app will only be accepted for those individuals who are with any comorbidities. Now, what are comorbidities actually? Any Individual which has one or more underlying diseases is said to be comorbidities. Now the government of Kerala Covid Vaccine Registration for Priority group is uplift and anyone who has attained the age of 18 years can now be registered through portal and book your slot, time for vaccinations.

The government of Kerala has also mentioned the top 20 comorbidities in this regard. Individuals of age 18 to 44 who fall under those 20 comorbidities can apply. At the time of co-win vaccine registration for Kerala, supporting documents of your comorbidities will be asked and you need to upload them. So keep all the supporting documents at the time of Covid-19 Kerala Vaccination registration. As well as Covid 19 Online Vaccination Request is been accepted only if you met certain eligibility criteria.

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Link Passport Number in Covid Vaccine Certificate Kerala Government Vaccine Eligibility Criteria

We all know that our country is facing a vaccination shortage. In this, every individual is striving to get the first or second jab as soon as possible. The state government has decided to give first preference to those individuals who are already suffering from underlying illnesses. These individuals can also be prone to Coronavirus infection. Thus for the first/ second Dose of Kerala Vaccine registration, Kerala Govt eligibility Criteria is here as follows:

  1. Any individual registering for vaccination need to be between 18 to 44 of age.
  2. This individual must be with any comorbidity as mentioned by the state government in their official statement. Only out of those 20 comorbidities if you have anyone or two of those then only you can apply.
  3. Individual who is applying for the second dose of vaccination must have maintained the gap of at least 84 to 112 days.

Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Vaccination Registration Online

Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids in India

After slot booking the person can visit the nearest vaccination center as per their appointment fixed with requisite documents carrying. Moreover, they need to download the Cowin certificate for further reference. The health minister said the COVID-19 vaccination certificates of those traveling from Kerala to outside India will have the batch number and date of vaccination from June 21.

How to check Kerala Covid 19 Vaccine Online Registration

The Health Kerala government is announced an individual portal to make the vaccination drive smooth. The Individual who falls the eligibility criteria now apply online for registration for Kerala Vaccine 1st and 2nd dose. Moreover, Check out the steps which are as follows for Kerala Covid 19 Vaccine Registration online and Request Status get:

  1. You need to visit website.
  2. On the following website, you will be asked for your mobile number.
  3. Your mobile number will get a six-digit OTP.
  4. Add that OTP and a new page will be loaded.
  5. Submit all details which is been asked over there like Cowin reference number, age group, district, name, gender, birth date, supporting document, and much more.
  6. After you fill in all the information, submit it.
  7. You will get the status afterward.

CoWin Portal Vaccine Registration

After Kerala Govt has issue vaccination certificates for those traveling abroad. Now you can download it after vaccination.

FAQ’s about Kerala Govt Covid Vaccination Registration Portal

Some of the frequently asked questions are below –

If I have any underlying disease and it’s not on the government-given list, then also am I eligible for jab?

No in that case you are not but you can wait and register later on.

From which date the vaccination will start in Kerala?

From May 17, in your nearest vaccination center, you will see the process.

How can I know my vaccination center, date, and timing in Kerala?

The moment you will submit your form and it gets approved you will get all the details.

Which vaccination should I go for Covaxin or Covishield?

Both are equally effective. In any slot you get any vaccine, go for it.

Is Sputnik 5 vaccine is available in Kerala?

Yes, it is available now.

The vaccination drive for 18+ is already running in state after Cowin Portal registration online slot booking. Recently PM Modi has announced free vaccination for all 18 plus persons in Kerala along with all states. Whatever vaccine you get, please take your dose. If you leave in Kerala use to book a slot. Share your vaccination experience and ask questions using the given below comment box. But do not mention Contact Number or Home Address in the comment section.

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  1. Myself and my wife KA Ramadevi taken 1st doze covishield on 03 Apr 2021 from health centre, Parali.

    Requesting for second doze as early as possible

  2. dear
    sir there is huge delay in kerala to get 2end dose . my self & wife waiting for the 2end dose . also there is delay in 18 to 44 there is no booking possible in online al booked for 10 to 14 days
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    please look in to

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    I got covishield vaccine on April 8th, and then iam trying everyday for the 2and dose vaccine. I didnot get the slot upto now. Due date already finished on 1st July. What I have to do?

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  7. Myself and my husband has taken Covishield 1st dose our due for 2 dose was on 9th July but till now we are not able to take our second dose. We took our first dose at Malabar Medical College. Please help us to take our second dose.

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  9. Iam prakashkannappan have registered for vaccination on 12 March 2021 and my Ref Id: 5580335632602, and still Iam waiting for a call to get vaccination.

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  11. Im jinson.
    Sir anikku 2 dose vacsin edukkan samayamayi pakshe vaccin center kittunnilla ghan oru vikalamgan (handicaped)aanu.


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