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Kerala epass Apply Online e Pass Registration Link covid 19 Jagratha Portal Kerala epass Status Check here. Are you finding how to get Kerala Covid 19 E pass Application Form from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP, TS travel entry, etc? Well, there has been a lot of confusion in terms of issuing Kerala Jagratha Portal Lockdown e pass Curfew Movement to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana Road/ Rail/ Flight for a while. Latest on 08 May, the Government of Kerala has issued new guidelines for Covid-19 Movement and Lockdown. Last Sunday, Kerala had a spike of fresh cases of Corona Virus.

To control this deadly mutant virus Government announced Weekend and Night Lockdown in the state and thus border Entry is only possible when you have Kerala Covid19jagratha Transit Epass Online Apply. But how and who can get covid19 jagratha Portal Kerala pass the link for Flight is detailed below. Read the full article in order to get the latest news on it Registration, Application Form Download, Permission, and epass status at

Today Lockdown News>>> The health department has recommended complete relaxation in lockdown only to those local bodies where TPR is less than 5%. There will be a complete lockdown in Kerala on Saturday and Sunday. However, shops that deal in grocery, fruits, vegetables, milk, fish, meat, and other food items will be allowed to open from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Due to rising in Covid19 cases in State, the people have insisted to carry e curfew pass Kerala to Tamil Nadu at Entry after lockdown imposes. So now the persons can apply for Kerala Entry Pass Covid 19 Jagratha Portal after checking eligibility below published. There are some exemption category persons are permitted for travel only with valid ID proof. However, from today the Kerala Police Makes e pass mandatory for travel during Covid 19 Lockdown by individual or others.

Kerala epass Apply Online

Now first let us brief it out that what is actually Covid19 Jagratha Portal This Kerala Lockdown e Pass Jagratha portal is government authorized which works towards Covid-19. This portal is a one-stop for the public to get emergency help regarding Covid-19 crisis. All the welfare measures and transparency are ensured. Now, this portal will help you out in issuing Jagratha Portal Epass, and why this is called Kerala E-Jagratha Covid-19 Pass?

Actually, this is the only portal that can issue a Lockdown pass, and thus it is called Kerala Movement jagratha ePass. The process to issue e-pass will be explained further in this article only. Before that let’s know who can actually are eligible for this epass registration. Government is generally is issuing a movement Transit pass to only those who are related to the medical lines, pharmaceuticals, or essential goods.

So, if you are one of those who fall under this type of category then you can easily get Covid 19 e pass from Kerla Jagratha Portal. There are various types of E-pass actually. Movement E-pass in which you can travel to a distance by carrying it. Emergency E-pass from which you can travel to the emergency location by carrying it with you. Let us explain that whatever type of E-pass you want to carry if you have a valid reason behind it you can get it from the KL Jagratha Portal. The people are advised do not to roam out from home without any work or fun. Be cooperative and keep the house safe. While if an emergency required then apply for e curfew pass covid Jagratha Portal online.

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With the new guidelines from the Government of Kerala, anyone who is entering the state must get the vaccine or should be vaccinated. If not then they have to undergo an RT-PCR test certificate. It is a real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test. Generally, detection of Covid-19 virus is done through RT-PCR test. This is the most effective test to deduct virus from human cells. This test mainly costs 800 Rupees to 2400 Rupees. Well, the price may range from state to state. In Kerala, it is most likely between the range which we have mentioned for issuing Covid 19 Jagratha Portal epass for Road/ Rail/ Flight from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP, Telangana, and other states. We urge all of you that be responsible and not roam without any emergency, it will help to maintain proper lockdown.

Now till the reports of RT PCR certificate will come, the person has to be in complete isolation. The result of report will be sent on your registered mobile number. However, for movement or to travel in the state or out of state you need Kerala Epass tamil Nadu entry registration. Hence E-pass has been made compulsory for all. Jagratha portal Kerala Flight Pass to Travel by Road/ Rail/ Flight will is hereby explained. Recently the CM Pinarayi Vijayan is said Pandemic like situation in Kerala lies various districts. He said we are not thinking for lockdown, but many restricts will imposes for interstate and entry travel in Kerala from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP and other states.

Kerala E pass Covid 19 Jagratha Portal Registration >>> Apply Here

KSP CLEAR Pass Online

The people who travel from Bus, International Flight or Interstate Movement need to apply for Vehicle Permit & Emergency Pass, District wise Entry Point Transit e pass online take permission before start travel. There are more restrictions imposes on the various districts in the state due to the steadily rising of coronavirus cases. So now without any reason to come out home is restricted by Kerala Police. However, you have to opt for Covid 19 e pass Jagratha Portal registration and get permit first.

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How to Apply Online Covid 19 Jagratha Portal Kerala epass and Status Check

The Kerala State made it mandatory for every person who is traveling from states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, or any other Country need to show Kerala Covid19Jagrataa Portal E Pass Kerala to Tamil Nadu link. Whatever, The person travels by Road, Rail, or Flight from other countries it is compulsory to have a valid Kerala Movement pass to ravel in the state. Here are some points which are here as follows for Kerala EPass Through Jagratha Portal Online Registration and Applications status check:

  • In the first place, you need to visit the portal.
  • On the main page of the website you will see a tab “Event register”.
  • Click on the link and move forward.
  • Then a new tab will open, it will ask for your mobile verification.
  • Add your number and captcha code correctly.
  • An OTP will be sent on your mobile. Add the OTP number in the OTP blank.
  • As soon as you do this, a new page will come. It will have some instructions regarding E-pass. Carefully read them.
  • Fill in all the details which is been asked on that page. From applicants name, Government ID, Applicant personal details, Reason to travel, date of travel, return date, Number of persons to be interacted with, places or institution to travel, and much more.
  • After that details of stay to be mentioned. Likewise, local body to stay, a place to stay, name of the place to stay, local contact number, address to stay etc.
  • Remember to add all the details in the blank which has a little red star on it. Those blanks are mandatory to be filled.
  • After you add information to all the blanks, tap the save button. Your information will be submitted.
  • Covid 19 Jagratha Portal Epass status will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. So keep a check.

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The Kerala State is one of the worst impacted states in India due to Covid19 2nd Wave. To minimal, the people movement Govt has put total lockdown in the state. So before going out or travel within the district or interstate need to get a valid epass at Portal. The Govt will soon start the Covid 19 Jagrataha Portal Kerala EPass Registration Apply Online and travel entry pass in the state. There are some special and emergency services allowed during Covid 19 Lockdown. So stay tuned for more updates and lockdown news here. Hope that the given information of e pass is helpful for the citizen of Kerala, so don’t forget to take valid epass. Views should keep update with us.

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