Mylab Covid Self Test Kit, CoviSelf Price, How to Use

Mylab Covid Self Test Kit Price, How to Use, CoviSelf RAT Buy Online, and Offline Instructions. The Mylabs Covid 19 Self Test Kit is now available in the market. Now MyLab Discovery Solutions Corona Rapid Antigen Test Kit has been approved by ICMR. The actual good news is that Mylabs has also promised to bring Covid Self RAT Kit into Indian Markets by next week. Now, what is My lab Covid-19 Rapid Antigen test kit basically? As you can get from the name of it that basically, this is a self kit to test Covid-19.

This coviSelf Covid Test Kit is designed only for those patients who feel that they may be they have caught the virus. In medical terms, symptomatic individuals can only use this self kit. Although ICMR has stated that the indiscriminate use of Mylab Covid19 will be barred. Now let’s see what are the uses of the Mylab Covid RAT Kit? Who can use it and how? Step to step guide has been given below about each and everything of CoviSelf Buy Online Price details, and Mylab Discovery Solution App and website, etc here.

Mylab Covid Self Test Kit

Mylab Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Kit comes with the manual and instruments from which you can carry the test from your home only. Mylab Discovery Solutions Coviself Kit Use is safe to use and for that, you have to download Mylab App from your android phone and apple phone. Download this application and keep it till the test has not proceeded further. This application will help you till the test is done on the patient. The cost of this testing kit is Rs 250, while the rapid antigen test costs Rs 300-900 and RT-PCR test costs Rs 400 to Rs 1,500 in different cities of the country.

To know more about Mylab Coviself Kit price you can check the application. As you will get the manual along with the Coviself Corona Test kit but in case you want more details you can get it from the application. Now after you perform the test, you need to upload the test results on the application. This is the last step but the importance of all. Remember that once you get the result positive from the kit, you do not need to go for RTPCR. If any individual comes negative then you might get the RTPCR done.

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CoviSelf Kit Price and Who can Use it?

What is Price of Coviself Test Kit?

The Price of the Coviself Corona Test Kit will be 250 Rupees. It will be flourished in the Indian Market by the next week. Mylab director stated that initially, Coviself will be in around 9 lakh pharma shops. He also added that we are thriving to cover 90 percent of pin codes in the country. This is very convenient to use by users through Myab’s AI-powered mobile app and get their results in an instant.

Who can Use Coviself Corona Test Kit?

Well anyone who can use it who has mild, moderate, or severe symptoms of Covid-19. But initially, ICMR is insisting that only symptomatic patients should go for self-test at home. Mylab Covid Test will bring down the burden on laboratories. As well as this is super fast. Your Covid-19 test is now in 15 minutes time span. Whereas earlier it may take 72 hours to get the report.

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MyLab Rapid Antigen Test Kit Price and Coviself Buy Online?

You can buy online and it from any other pharma shop or medical store nearby. Well, it can take several weeks to reach every medical store in the country but Maylab will increase their production, and possibly within a month you can get the Coviself in your nearby medical store. You can get My Lab Discovery Solutions Coviself without any prescription.

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How to Use Corna Self Test Kit Coviself at your home?

Now this is the most important section in the entire article as here we will give your step by step guide to use Coviself at your home:

  1. As you know Coviself is a RAT Kit, it comes with all testing material needed for the test. Any individual who will purchase it will get a pre-filled extraction tube, sterile nasal swab, one test card, and a biohazard bag in the kit.
  2. Now this test will be done by using the nasal swab to avoid any type of discomfort. Now the swab should be inserted in both the nostrils to around 2 to 4 cms inside so that an adequate sample is collected in the swab.
  3. Now you have to dip the swab in the pre-filled extraction tube. After you did till here, add two drops of the sample to the test card well so that the test has proceeded.
  4. There must be two sections in the test card. One is the control section and the second one is the test section.
  5. If the bar shows up to the Control section only, the test is negative.
  6. If the bar shows to the Control section and test section both, you have tested positive.
  7. After completing the test, click the picture of the testing strip and upload it to the app which you have downloaded from the play store of Coviself.

Once you are done with the registration and other details upload the picture of the test strip. The positive test will take up to 5 minutes while the negative test takes up to 12 minutes.

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