When will School Reopen in India 2021 State Wise Latest News on Schools Reopening Date

When will School Reopen in India 2021 State Wise Latest News on Schools Reopening Date Today Update in June July. Now students and parents of Telangana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, Utter Pradesh, Haryana and other state questions When will school reopen in Bangalore? You must be all thinking too about your children’s future and how to protect them with the upcoming third wave of Covid-19.

It is to be said that by November, the third wave of Corona will hit the country which will hit children the most. But the kid’s education is also very important. So know every latest update on School Reopen in Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala today news here. Triggered danger around the children in the upcoming month has led to many tensions already in the country. But then too, many states in India have to uplift the lockdown as Covid-19 cases dip.

School Reopen Date Latest News

Here we have given a glimpse of Reopen Date of School in Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab, and all other State wise today updates here.. What each state government has planned to re open schools in India are briefed in this article. If you belong from Maharashtra, Punjab, AP, West Bengal, J&K, Jharkhand, Odisha, you will get all the desired information on Schools Reopen Date in India. In these the common question is asked by the students is When School Reopens in Our State. As the Covid graph decline and so the state wise latest news on School Reopening Date and summer classes update is given below.

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School Reopen Latest News July State Wise

India is badly suffering from Covid 19 Outbreak, but after April May now the situation is a little better. The All India schools are closed since April. Now parents are asking When will Reopen School in our State. There are Coronavirus cases statistics are different in every state and city. So the School Reopen Date and time in respective state and city wise latest news and updates are given below.

Maharashtra: The government of is releases SOP regarding Reopen Schools in Maharashtra State. The COVID-19-free gram panchayats may open schools of class 8 to 12 after discussing with parents

Maharashtra HSC Result 2021

Kerala SSLC Result 2021

Punjab: From May 24 to June 23, 2021 Government of Punjab had declared summer vacation in the state. When the will school re open in Punjab is still unknown as officials will give a statement on the same by July month? The latest Punjab govt is start vaccinated to Teacher and Staff from June 21. So it is possibility to reopen school in July

Madhya Pradesh: From last March month, the education institution has been closed. Many institutions in different states re-opened in November but due to the second wave it was shut down again. When will schools in MP will re-open question will be shortly answered by the government of the state as summer break ends.

MP Board 10th Result 2021

MP Board 12th Result 2021

Rajasthan: This state is among those states which re-opened Schools and colleges in the state earlier in November but nearly shut down as cases sore up. Now according to the sources, Rajasthan Government is planning to re-open schools from 15 July. But online classes have already begun in the state. There will be only class 9th to 12th students come in schools at 50% capacity of classroom.

Assam : The State Education department is thinking not to open school till September in state. Moreover the final decision will take after situation feedback.

Delhi: The capital of the country was also hit hard by the Covid-19 cases. But in the past few weeks, Delhi has recorded the lowest rate of deaths and fresh cases of Covid-19. Lately, they decided to re-open schools in Delhi in July but cases of corona geared up. This time government is taking all the SOPs and holding the decision to re-open schools by now.

Covid 19 Vaccine For Kids in India

Telangana: The Government is allowed to Schools reopen from July 01 for physical calsses. Earlier. The State Education Department is announced Summer Vacation till 15th June in all schools. There are Online Classes for std 3 to 10 are planning to held through TSAT and Doordarshan. However, the detailed Calendar for School Reopen and other activity provide soon.

TS Inter 1st Year Results 2021

Tamil Nadu: As soon as cases in India as well as in the state stabilizes government will stick to the decision to close all the schools in Tamil Nadu. But if we ask when will schools re-open in Tamil Nadu then the dates are not yet disclosed. The Classes will run through online medium from Kalvi TV and Wahtsapp.

TN SSLC Result 2021

Uttar Pradesh: Now due to low rises in Covid19 cases and unlock the School Association demand to reopen School for Class 9 to 12 Students from 19 July. However the UP Government may decided when school will reopen in state and how.

UP Board 10th 12th Result Date 2021

UP Board 10th Result 2021

UP Board 12th Result 2021

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh Government has announces School Reopening Dates 2021. The Class 1 to 12th Schools will reopen form August 16 for Offline Classes. Moreover the Online Study will commence from July 12

AP SSC Results 2021

AP Inter 2nd Year Results 2021

Jammu and Kashmir: In Jammu and Kashmir the overall cases of Covid-19 are in stabilize mode. Thus, the government is still confused to re-open schools in Jammu and Kashmir or not? J&k Government is said the schools will closes till 15th Juley and study will run smoothly with online classes and will shortly give any further dates to re-open.

Odisha: As the Risk of 3rd Wave the government is yet not decided to when will re open schools in the state as Education minister Samir Ranjan Dash stated yesterday. However the decision on Schools Reopen in Odisha will be taken soon after discussion with CM in June Last week.

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Uttarakhand: The Schools are closed since April in the state. Now the Covid Lockdown relaxation is given by Govt. Moreover the government is decide to reopen schools of class 1 to 12 from 12th July only form Teacher. Now decision is taken yet for students presence in classes.

Karnataka: As today the High Level expert panels opinion to Karnataka Government to Reopen School in Select district with strategic manners on alternate days and alternate shifts. The government of Karnataka will start a new Academic session in the month of July, depend on he vaccination drive of above 18 years. Thus, whether the session will start through online classes or offline schools is still not confirmed.

2nd PUC Result 2021 Karnataka

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Goa: This state is also planning to start its new academic session in 2022 for all the classes. Thus, till now the academic session will be started through online mode only.

Gujarat: Gujarat is allow to reopen Educational institutes like colleges, Schools from July 15. The Fresh guidelines is now issue for schools and students.

Kerala: Recently recorded lowest cases of Covid-19 in the state. Kerala Government has not given any statement regarding Re-opening of Schools in Kerala yet.

Covid 19 Kerala Vaccine Registration Online

West Bengal: Elections and the terror of Covid-19 have just ended in the state. West Bengal will shortly take a call on whether schools in West Bengal will re-open or not.

WB Madhyamik Result 2021

WB HS Result 2021

Bihar: The Bihar government may now reopen schools from 12 July with 50% capacity for Class 11th and 12th Students only. Moreover as per the Schools reopening plan, there will be Matric and Inter school will open in 1st phase and primary and Middle school will reopen in last phase.

Bihar 11th Admission Merit List 2021

Himachal Pradesh: Recently Government of HP opens up for tourists and relaxed many restrictions. But there is still no decision on Himachal Pradesh Re-opening of Schools.

HP Board 12th Result 2021

Jharkhand: When will school in Jharkhand will re-open will be answered by the government shortly. Till now summer breaks in schools is been continued.

Haryana: Recently Haryana Government has declared to reopen Schools For Classes 9-12 From July 16, and class 6 to 8 From July 23. The Directorate School Education is also releases SOPs for offline classes.

HBSE HOS 10th Result 2021

HBSE 12th Result 2021

Tripura: Some states in India have recovered from the Covid-19 hit already but still they are taking proper SOPs and holding on to the decision of not re-opening of schools in Tripura as of now.

Nagaland: You will soon see the official statement of Nagaland CM on Re-opening of the School. Till now the cases of Covid-19 is as low as in this state.

Chattisgarh: Schools will remain close in Chattisgarh till the time Covid-19 situation is not under control. Thus till now the state is focusing on the Vaccination drive.

Puducherry: The Puducherry has decided to reopen all government and private schools for classes 9 to 12 students from July 16. Moreover all colleges will also reopen form 16 July.

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    • Yes please please reopen the school it becomes essential for students to study online it might have bad effect on health it causes lots of stress in mind. No fun no frnds no teachers . No proper schedule for studies.

      • Ya you are right school should open . We all are missing our friends and last bench of our class 🤣 🤣 .

    • बच्चों के भविष्य का क्या होगा पंचमुखी शिक्षा का विकास कैसे होगा घर में क्या पढ़ाई हो रही ये सब जानते हैं। घर बैठे हमारे देश के डॉक्टर और इंजीनियर कैसे होंगे। बच्चे जो देश का भविष्य हैं यह कुएं के मेंढक बनते जा रहे हैं।

  1. It doesn’t matter to me when or whenever the Schools will be opened. But in the current situation COVID has hit very vigorously to not just students but their families too.
    Everyone is suffering a lot…
    If Really Government want to do something about students.
    Than Reduce atleast possible amount of Fee about 40 to 50 per cent…
    Cause at the school time we study 6 hours of day in the schooli atmosphere. But in Online…
    Alas ! We only study about 2 to 3 hours of a day Hardly…
    Teachers are making 100 % efforts but do we have a proper gadgets or better Internet connection ?
    It’s good upto only in Urban areas but do we’ve a single idea about Rural students ?
    No, we Don’t…

    Only a single wish by students Please reduce school fees (Tuition Fee not asking for extra charges).

    I know all cause Im a student of 12 CBSE board and You all know better than me…

  2. During covid 19 students are very disappointed by gov. Because boards are cancelled…………please reopen the schools and collages in all India because students are all over in India……..not Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai and all States………………………………BE SAFE And BE CAREFUL😷😷

  3. See skill of our students affected badly, govt should immediately open technical/med institutions. otherwise our students will lack in front of international students. May open 10th and 12th as well. Delay will effect our progression badly. Ya students vaccinated should be allowed and student vaccination should be preference. Govt. of the day, pl listen, otherwise future is going to be affected badly.

  4. I am a student and kindly request to west bengal government to reopen school’s quickly. Again i request please reopen school’s 🙏🙏🙏😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. It has been clearly mentioned by doctors of India and the US that kids are not going to be affected by the third wave of covid. First of all how are the authorities so sure there is going to be a third wave? No one here is God the Superior. Even with such strict lockdown, still the media and our system were screaming on top of their lungs that covid is spreading like wild fire, people are dying etc. I had been to hospitals, but I saw nothing. Stop playing around with people. Especially with children’s education..

    • You don’t be over smart okay? You don’t know what is happening around. You r just dumb. And third wave is inevitable. They know because they are not God but they had studied scenario of different countries and they have knowledge much better than you so understand and children are only going to be affected more in third wave of Covid -19

  6. Re open the schools after completing the proper Jabs. priority has to be given school going children . Education also very important. online classes does not work in rural areas. a great disadvantage in rural area.

  7. Please open the school, at least for class 9th and 11th student in alternate days in every state

    Because there are many serious issues which is happening to the students during online classes :-
    1.) Some children are loosing eye sight and sone are have issi in there eyes

    2.) Students are suffering a lot of stress

    3.) Student’s knowledge is not growing in fact the knowledge is reducing

    4.) Teacher has to do a lot of work and they are also facing same problems like students

    And many more………

    I am a student of class 9th

    Please start vaccination of children as soon as possible and open the school 🙏🙏a request from a my heart .

  8. First covid 19 should be under control then we should think about opening schools cauz government also opened school during march,2021 the Corona hit us vigorously. Government should do each and every action carefully step by step cauz we should give first priority to our lives then to our schools , college’s , and a

    ll find
    “Jaan hae toh jahan hae varan Kuch bi Nahi.”

  9. fine school shouldnot be reopen coz there vaccine hasent come yet coz skul student age are upto 17-18. but atlest college should be reopend coz people reach college after 18 and maybe some of them 17[exceptional cases] medical college and nursing college should be reopened as soon as possible coz the supply of nurses and doc shouldnt stop

  10. School must be open but after vacation given to children’s as we thinking that it’s safe but it not safe.

    Doing online classes and then teacher are saying offline exam how it will be possible if online classes then online exam for that time ….


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