Taliban Forces Details, Rules and Laws In Afghanistan

Who Are Taliban Forces in Afghanistan, Is Taliban Country Or Group, Taliban Rules for Women and Laws In Afghanistan now check all here. All You need to know is Taliban Forces in Afghanistan Capturing Latest News and Videos. Now at the current situation of Afghanistan is more dangerous, every part of the country is captured by the Talibani Group and their people. Afghanistan Presidents Ashraf Gani has left their country in the fear of Taliban Forces capturing Kabul. Now the Everywhere in World the people are asking why the Taliban took Afghanistan. Why US Army Left and What is Taliban Rules and Laws for Women, Children, and Men.

Who Are Taliban Forces

The Taliban Forces belong to Afghanistan. The Taliban means in Pashto language “students”. Taliban are extremists who are said to follow Islam. It is a group basically which have militants fighting for their rights and for their country. Taliban was formed in 1994. They are commonly known as Mujahedeen. So back in the 1980s they fought soviet forces and wanted to establish Islamic Laws in the country for Women and Children especially. Their ultimate goal is to remove any foreign influence in their country.

Afghanistan Taliban Capturing Latest News

Back in 1996, the Taliban captured Afghanistan and implemented strict Islamic laws. These laws were implemented by Sunni Islamist organizations. In these laws, women had to cover themselves from head to toe. They were also not allowed to travel alone, watching television, and even study.

Why Taliban Took Afghanistan?

We all know that On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda’s 9 members hijacked a US plane and crashed it into the twin world trade centers. More than 3000 men and women died on the spot. This result in the cold war between the United States and Al Qaeda. Soon after that Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Ladin took over the charge of hijacking the US Plane and crashing the World Trade Center. According to the US intelligence, Osama was hiding in Afghanistan and was networking from there.

Within a period of one month, United State military troops invaded Afghanistan. Over a period of 20 years, the war between US Military troops and Taliban guerrilla fighters were been into the news. On 15 August 2021, the United States of America withdraw its military troops from Afghanistan, and this led the Taliban to acquire almost entire Afghanistan.

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Is taliban a Country or Group?

Most of the readers out there are confused that the Taliban is a country. No! Taliban is a group of men who are Islamic extremists. They wanted to capture Afghanistan in order to implement their Islamic Laws and traditions. Those who have misunderstood the concept that the Taliban is a country, need to understand that they need land and now they got their country back.

Taliban Rules and Laws for Women

Taliban for years has been known for its gruesome killing, murdering, rapes, beheading. The amount of torture they have given and showcased through their viral videos is beyond anybody’s imagination. Thus, in the same manner, their rules and laws are formed. Check out some of them here:

  • No education for Girls and Women.
  • No freedom of expression and social
  • No Right to complain
  • Detention and Punishment for contacting Government officials
  • Restriction on Dressing of Women.
  • Taliban has been known to enslave girls and women from years. At a young age they are forced to get married with no promises of better future. They have no right to study. They have to be in burkha from head to toe.
  • Other than that no individual in the country is allowed to use mobile phones.
  • No-one can watch television. Those who are doing in some areas, is doing secretly. Many cases have been seen in past years that Taliban militants are punishing individuals who are caught to be in any contact of these.
  • Individuals or citizen of Afghanistan are not allowed to serve at government check points or even in contact with the government officials. Those families who have any member working in government offices are often threatened by the Taliban.
  • Those women who are not properly dressed in burkha get severe punishment. Even men who do not grow long beards are often killed by Taliban militants.

First of all Taliban Rules and Taliban laws are different. We have elaborated the key laws and rules here. In summary, we want to compose that Afghanistan has already imposed Taliban rules and traditions in the country.

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Who are Taliban Leaders?

For over 20 years, for the first time Taliban rule has been re-establish in the country. Although the Taliban has some division in the group. One wing was on the battlefield and another one was handling peace talks in Qatar and Doha.

Taliban’s Main Ruler named as haibatullah Akhundzada

After Mullah Mohammad was died by the US militants he became the deputy chief. Haibatullah Akhundzada has been head of the Taliban high court for years. He is an Islamic scholar too.

Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban Political leader

He is the same man who eventually started the movement and watches political talks for years. After Mullah Omar was hiding from US militant officials, he took the seat and actually run the things for the Taliban.

From where Taliban is getting funding?

You will be amazed to read that Taliban is getting funding within the country Afghanistan. They eventually get money by taxing people and commerce around the country and its borders. The primary funding is from the growth of poppy. In this way, poor farmers feel more connected to the Taliban, as in return they give monetary financial benefits to them. Eventually, this helps them to get less dependent on Iran and Russia.

Conclusion: Finally US President address the nation and said that “US vision was never nation-building”. We exit our troop as our agenda was fulfilled. With this, it is clear that US troops exiting the country signal the Taliban to acquire Afghanistan.

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