CBSE 10th Exams Cancelled 2021 Latest 12th Board Exam Postponed

CBSE 10th Exams Cancelled 2021 Latest 12th Board Exam Postponed Latest News releases by After a long wait of Will CBSE Exams be Cancelled 2021 Updates CBSE Board 10th 12th Exam Cancel or Postponed Update #cancelboards2021 & #CancelCBSEBoardExam2021 is now trending. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been in news for a while regarding the Petition for the cancellation of CBSE Exams Class 10 and 12 Boards. What do you think about the latest trending hashtag on Twitter and Priyanka Gandhi’s favor on this?

The hashtag was cancelboardexams2021! Well, you must be amused to know that over one lakh students have signed the online petition to CBSE cancel board examination for 10th and 12th Class this year. Parents and these students fear that in the country already Covid-19 cases have been spiked and if CBSE will conduct board exams or canceled or Postponed, it will probably go higher. Well, how much you are satisfied with this notion that CBSE Board Exams canceled must their 10 and 12 Board Examination this year? Let’s check out the full story on Will CBSE Cancel Class 10 and 12 Board Exam 2021?

CBSE Cancelled Board Exams 2021 News

Will CBCE Boards 2021 be cancelled this year or CBSE 10th and 12th Exam Postponed? The CBSE carries a huge responsibility of conducting board examination every year for Class 10 and 12 Both. Previous year due to Covid-19 and strict Lockdown norms CBSE Board conducted a Board Examination paper online. But this year CBSE is rigid on conducting Board Examination offline. Many students and parents fear that there will be no adequate facilities for their children which can protect them from Covid-19.

Well, we understand the predicament in which parents and CBSE Cancel Board Exam committee members are but cancellation is a solution for that? Think about it, even if CBSE Board will cancel Class 10 and 12 Board Exam and conducts it Online again, how much it will affect the education system. Now at Twitter is thundering with #CancelCBSEBoardExam2021 and Also Priyanka Gandhi is supporting this.

CBSE 10th Board Exams Cancelled 2021 Class 12th Postponed

What do you think actually that CBSE should cancel board exams 2021 offline and make it online once again? We are not in favor of that clearly! Covid-19 second wave is contagious and many are felling into its trap again but a however petition for cancellation board examination will not be a solution. Why did our Government put Lockdown earlier and advertise about Social Distancing and other precautions ? and still they are continuously doing that! Government is doing their duty when and how you will understand your duty?

Above all, there is no point in the Cancellation of the CBSE 10 Board Exam 2021 and the postponed CBSE Board 12th Exam 2021. As CBSE has already quite a few numbers of test centers and they have added 2500 more to their list in-country and abroad too. Also, CBSE has informed all their students and parents about the precautions they will going to take during Board Examinations.

CG Board 10th Time Table 2021

What Precautions will CBSE Take during 12th Board Exam 2021?

As the Previous Year, CBSE conducted the Board Exam of Class 10 and 12 both online. But this year when they will conduct Board Exam offline in respective Exam centers many precautions will be taken. That’s why the students demanding Cancel Board Exam CBSE 2021, but it is not a good solution All the invigilators and staff who will be on duty during Board Exams will go under Covid-19 test. They will regularly sanitize their hands. As well as they will remind the following students also to do so. All exam centers or classrooms will be sanitized properly before the commencement of examination and even every exam paper is been conducted.

CBSE 10th Exam Date Sheet 2021

What Precautions students must take during Board exam 2021?

  • Here we are listing some of the points which students must take during board exam 2021:
  • They must wear face mask every time. From entering to exam center to the duration of exam. Wear N-95 masks which will help you more efficiently.
  • Bring your own pen and pencil box, avoid borrowing anything from anyone. Even if you do, sanitize your hands and object both.
  • Water bottles and hand sanitizer must be with every student appearing in Board Examination.

To know more about CBSE Board Exam Cancelled or Postponed verdict, stay tuned on this page!

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